Press loves Submarine Project

Posted on Jul 7, 2012 in Publication | 2 comments

Press loves Submarine Project

Few weeks ago I did in amazing & special photoshooting in Hamburg/Germany!

The location was a real old Russian submarine named 434 :-)

Review of Susan Wayland Submarine photos in Newspaper BILD

The photo session was a pretty nice adventure and my latex uniform from Latexa fits so well in this awesome location.

So it seems it wasn’t only my humble self who was fascinated from the latex submarine pictures. One of the popular German newspapers BILD as well as the big website Smocking Jacket, both made a great review about this extraordinary photoshooting :-D

Online review about Sway's submarine photos

I’m surprised and happy photographer Norman Richter and me get such a nice feedback!

So wait & see until the photos will be available in Susan Wayland Club! I’m sure you’ll love them!





  1. Seriously, this is something new, creative and unexpected. Who else could come up with such a great idea if not Susan?
    And not only the location is “alternative” and surprisingly interesting, but it is made even more so by the awesome uniform. Moreover Susan’s beauty manages to shine even in a narrow and closed place, and fits it very well, making the whole submarine context delightful to the eyes.
    Thank you Susan

  2. Hi Susan, hope you well and happy and everything is going great for you. I ahve a ton of house cleaning to accomplish and also have to mow the gass and also have about 9 ligh years of paper work to slowly meander through of varrious sorts, all kinds of stuff sent since about 5 years ago or around there. So how’s things going anyways? Is your fan base building? Hope so, your really cool and I do believe in you and hope you stay on top, becasue your are a terrific woman and a great woman at that.

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