Latex – My Story Part 1 and 2

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Latex – My Story Part 1 and 2

Part 1

Ever since I was a teenager I had this fondness for quirky clothing. I liked tight and shiny denim jeans and tops, but I also liked to wear stockings and socks with short skirts. In my opinion, at that time leather and lack were my clothes of preference if I was thinking of sexy garments. I enjoyed the glitter of lack very much, but also the unique feeling of leather against my skin. I am not sure when I saw latex on a woman for the first time, but I most surely remember seeing it on Britney Spears in the year 2000. It was the video to the chart topping “Oops… I did it again” song, where she wore a red catsuit, skintight and sexy, fascinating me instantly and awakening the need to try something like this on. You could say that my flabber was entirely gasted! I immediately went into research mode and tried to discover what this shiny and wonderful material could be and finally discovered latex.


Susan Wayland wears a sexy pair of transparent latex stockingsStraight away I stalked into an erotic accessories and garments store, with only one thing in my mind: I had to see and touch this material at once! It was then and there that I discovered and purchased my first latex stockings. Like a child, who just received the most exquisite toy, I rushed home eager to try on my new things. I was advised by the lady in the store to use talcum powder when putting latex on, so I rushed on my way home into a drug store and purchased two pounds of talcum powder – you can see how excited I was. So I waddled home with my jugs of talcum powder, not entirely sure why I felt so edgy. I shook like a leaf, unpacking my treasure and kicking off my pants hastily. There was my most treasured possession and it looked bleak and grey, nothing like the shiny, sexy material I envisioned it should be. Halfway out of my mind I dusted everything with talcum powder, until the air got so foggy I could barely see my hands. I rummaged around and tried to stuff one of my feet through the limp thing where I figured was the point of entry. I reckoned that it was no rocket science, it’s just stockings and I should be able to slip right in. I stood corrected a minute later. Sweating and panting I got nowhere and got rid of my shirt as well, cursing that there was no users’ manual delivered with this thing. Somehow some of my heel got in, then I decided that I did something wrong and tried to take it off again, but at no avail. It was harder to take it off again then it was to put it on. Panic and despair fought with my iron will and the material that was apparently made to drive people towards insanity. I fumbled around and the stocking slipped up to my calf.

A triumphant yelp escaped me and encouraged by my success I grappled with the stocking with even more fervor. There was no elegance in this power struggle as I inched the material over my leg gradually, fighting as if my life were at stake, grunting and gasping air. I was so engrossed into my tugging and pushing, that when something gave with a jerk I thought I had it made for a glorious second. I became aware that latex did slip my grip and when I looked I saw that there was something akin to a ladder, going from my calf down to the foot. I felt like the bottom of my stomach fell straight on to the floor. In my determination to get into the latex stockings as soon as possible I ruined the brand new toy even before I got a chance to play with it. The whole adrenaline vaporized in an instant and left me close to tears. Utterly frustrated, I tugged at the ruined stocking and, yes you guessed it, it came right off. Muttering to myself I angrily stuffed the remnants of the ruined stockings, the packaging and the talcum powder into a bag and burrowed it into the corner of my closet with the intention that it should never see the light of the day. At least I have bought enough talcum powder to last me a lifetime and then I would still have some of it left to pass it on to my heirs, I observed, sarcasm oozing from me in bitter disappointment… [to be continued]


Susan Wayland in a sexy black latex bodicePart 2

Several days have passed and I managed not to lose any sleep or waste thoughts on my devastating first experience with the latex stockings. Every now and then, though, a little devil in my head kept reminding me of the one remaining stocking hiding in the back of the closet. The more I tried not to think about it, the more I imagined ways how to put the darned thing on. Things like planning in advance, being more careful this time, doing proper preparations and similar stuff orbited around my head more and more, until my eagerness overpowered my apprehension. It took just another two days to go from “maybe” to “I am doing it, and I am doing it now”.

My curiosity got me accelerating my pace towards the closet until I was almost running. I started digging and after some effort found my half a ton of talcum powder and the oversized condom that was actually a latex stocking. Looking at the gray, flaccid thing in my hand, I almost changed my mind. I stared at the plastic hose with some trepidation, willing it to work, to look as good as the picture I saw, some kind of weird arousal-like excitement gripping my belly area. It looked so great, when worn properly, it was so sexy, hot, steaming! It cannot be that hard to put on, can it? With grim determination I started powdering until I could not see my hand in front of my eyes. I grabbed the latex stocking and started pulling it on, twisting my leg and pushing as if my whole existence and the fate of mankind depended on it. It pinched, clamped and pressed all over, but I did not give in, quite to the contrary, my determination deepened even more. I managed to carefully pull the stocking over my calf, then the knee went through and then the thigh and suddenly it just all seemed to fit! I really managed to put this thing on! I stared at the mirror and saw at first only that I was smiling widely.


I looked down and frowned, because I expected pizzazz and got only gray and matt surfaces. Where is the glamour, where is the sexiness, where was the heat? It looked as if I put on the inner rubber tire of my bike, which gave me an idea. I moistened my fingers by using my spit and gently cleaned some of the Latex covering my thigh. Glorious black latex arose, though still a bit dully colored, nevertheless it was not gray and ugly anymore. I am getting somewhere with this, I figured and grinned. I can get this talcum powder off by using a moist kitchen rag! I did it and the whole stocking got black and somewhat interesting, but the color was flat, it did not shine. Well, pure water does not do the trick, I can see that. I figured that to get it to shine like in the photographs I saw, I needed something that makes this material shine. The first thing I thought of was that there must be something in Home Depot or some other home improvement store, where I can get a product that is being used to clean and put the shine on rubber tires and similar things. I took of the latex stocking, put on something tight, I think I donned the black pants I favored at that time, and hurried to the store. I was totally set to get this latex thing to work. I snooped for the tire care products, rubber related. Latex was rubber, was it not? My inner tire tube was rubber as well? What great logic, I was sure Mr. Spock would have approved. My eyes fell on something that promised exactly what I was looking for – a liquid for tire care, it cleans, brings shine, it conserves, it preserves… I loved it and bought it and ran with it straight home.


Fashionmodel Susan Wayland wearing latex slip and a pair of tight latex stockings.My latex stocking waited right there where I dropped it, it looked as if a snake has shed its skin and slithered away. I shuddered and inspected the tincture I purchased. It was some milky white liquid that reeked like a busted chemistry set. I figured I can use the ruined stocking for some research and dug it out from the back of the closet. It looked pitiful, all ripped and useless, but I ignored my sentiments and started with my experiment. I used some of the milky fluid and applied it to an area of the grayish latex, curious and apprehensive at the same time. After some rubbing the latex transformed into a black, skin-like, shiny matter that immediately had my heart beating faster. I felt the latex get alive under my fingers, I even got some squeaks out of it. I was so happy, I started hopping around as if I just won the marathon. I was struck by the strong urge to put on the unblemished stocking and get it to look like this, while I was wearing it! I swear I felt butterflies rampaging all over my stomach-insides.

For some reason, this time the putting on of the latex stocking was much less of a hassle. “I seem to get a hang of it, or I am simply a natural”, I said aloud, congratulating myself. While I was still hopping around, getting into the stocking, I noticed something strange happening to the other latex stocking I left on the floor. At first I was convinced that I was either hallucinating or that my brain is playing tricks, cruel tricks with my eyes. The latex I used to test the liquid was bubbling and hissing, as if I have poured some acid over it, ruining the material. How can that be, this is stuff that is used for rubber care, for crying out loud! I grabbed the bottle with the ghastly concoction and tried to make some sense of the printed gibberish on the label. It made no sense whatsoever. I guess you need to be a rocket scientist to read the labels of products that are supposed to preserve rubber. I was certain that my notion was sane and proper. I was sure that there must be something that can be used, without destroying the latex, but getting the results I enjoyed only for one flimsy moment. There had to be some information available on the internet! I put on some clothes, but kept the one stocking on, it felt really proper against my skin, despite being gray and matte. The big quest for enlightenment by means of the internet has begun and I was not prepared to give in until I found the answers I sought…. [to be continued]


  1. Earlier this year I purchased a black latex catsuit. Not my first, or even my first article of latex clothing but I was very excited to receive it.
    On the day it arrived I was wearing it, bent over and felt that tell tale rip. I was anguished, I didn’t know how I managed it. I sent it back for repair and waited patiently.

    When it came back to me I tried again, all was well, for a few minutes. I caught my toe with my high heel and ripped a hole in the foot.

    When it fits well and you are careful, latex is the most sensual, aesthetically erotic material to wear, but when it goes wrong it can break your heart. That catsuit still sits hidden out of sight in the same place I left it to this day.

  2. Great story, you answered my question about getting into your gear! I would love to know how much money you spend a month on Latex!

  3. That’s a great story. Very nice wordplay (and it’s use). I pictured every word like it was a movie unfolding.

  4. I found this So interesting & So Sexy. I want to hear more. I also bought L:atex Stockings for my first time with Latex.

  5. Thank you guys! I’m happy you like the first part of my story and my style of writing :-)

  6. My girlfriend has just started to buy latex (happy me), and we’ve had some of the same trouble. Glad to know it’s not just us. Great work Sway!

  7. Thanks a lot for this story Susan. It’s great to hear that even you have been a latex begginer sometime. I just bough the first latex wear for my wife (a latex minidress) and I’m eager to put it on her and polish it. Now I will be more careful (and will buy a extra bin of talcum powder) knowing how many things can go wrong.

    bets wishes and please keep writing Susan

  8. thank you for a great story I love it very much. do you know any one who can help me to do what you do I am in the uk can you help me please

  9. love reading it :) can’t w8 to see the rest!

  10. I’m happy you enjoy my latex story. Thanks for your kind feedback :-)

    • Oh, it looks like a flock of tropical btiretflues – just wonderful!I have to tell you, I worked in a very conservative office (and I’m 50 years old, and a conservative person) so all my stockings are dull, conservative beige – so when I saw your post title, I couldn’t think it would be much. I mean, conservative beige flowers? What a gorgeous surprise when the picture came in!

  11. please finish this story

  12. The story will be finished soon – so wait and see :-)

    • Haha! I had to laugh at that last comment our stnoikcgs are not hung because I too am afraid that our youngest will pull the stocking (and heavily weighted stocking holder) down on her head. So no stocking-hanging until Christmas Eve this year!

  13. Good job writing Latex – My Story Part 1 and 2 | Susan Wayland. I would like to learn more on this matter.

  14. Great story, you are a great writer. I bought my first pair of latex stockings in the 80’s, they cost a lot back then, and a latex t-shirt. I was so excited wearing the t-shirt I would pull my knees up to my chest and encase my whole upper body in that t-shirt. Then the time came when I ripped it trying to get my whole body into it, damn, know how you feel when it’s gone. At present, I have 2 pair of stockings and long gloves, 1 red & 1 black. Ordering a pencil skirt and catsuit next month. Keep up the wonderful writings and latex articles coming, I love reading them, you are my favorite latex model in the world Susan.

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