Susan Wayland graces MARQUIS Cover again

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Susan Wayland graces MARQUIS Cover again

For the second time already Susan Wayland is shown on the current cover of the world’s most famous fetish magazine! MARQUIS is considered to be a reference magazine inside and even outside the scene.

By this anew election to their cover model in the 46. edition within a time period of only three years – what is the shortest period in between a model was chosen twice – Marquis is proving Susan Wayland’s phantastic development since the last couple of years.

In a huge portfolio, containing not less than  12 pages, the actual release is presenting a huge photo spread showing the best artwork of Susan Wayland and Norman Richter. Furthermore, everything you ought to know about Susan Wayland’s  previous history can be read in an detailed interview that is additionally revealing not yet published informations and giving even a foretaste on planned projects.Susan and Norman are extremely proud of this special award and particularly about the cover photo that was chosen.

Last year an unique latex outfit in a camouflage style was created in a productive collaberation with Simon O. Susan Wayland already reported in detail about this great work in one of her journal entries. Both, the collaberation with the famous austrian latex label and the enormous expenditure of time and accessoires necessary for the shooting “Military Force Bombshell” finally was rewarded.

From the member area you might already know these pictures, but be sure, it is just a pleasure to now see them printed on high-gloss paper in the latest release of this grandious magazine. As from now the 46. edition can be bought in the local stores and directly in the MARQUIS’ shop.


  1. I would like to know where she get the latex that she has on

  2. Obviously this is one of the most fantastic issues every… Susan is breathtaking in latex… I am thinking WOW…

  3. shes just stunning as always ^^
    i got myself a few sets of her pic *ahem* and shes just gorgeus in them ^_^ and she just the best there is :P no1s better the susan wayland =D

  4. shes just…..
    well breathtaking, theres no other word for it xD, if there was a word to be made for her it would be, superhypermegagodessdarnbeautifull xD

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